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Garlic Health Benefits

Posted on May 5 2015 by Steven Odell in Healthy Foods

Garlic Health Benefits

In This Post We're Going To Be Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic can have many health advantages and for anyone that's trying to be healthier and reduce health risks, you are going to discover that a steady diet of garlic can help. While folks believe that modern medicine has just realized the health advantages related to garlic, I ought to mention that folks have used this medicinally for many thousands of years. Many doctors, health care professionals and scientists have figure out that garlic is one of the most powerful, natural ingredients men and women can use to be able to maintain their health. Below you are going to be surprised to find all of the different things which garlic can help with, which includes various diseases and health risks.

Something that many individuals aren't aware of is that garlic in fact has anti bacterial an antiviral characteristics, although not nearly as potent as penicillin. But you are going to find that a steady diet of lots of garlic can actually help your body fight off different infections before they get to the point where penicillin is needed. If you do some research on the internet you're going to see that garlic is usually recommended above all other natural products when it comes to being used as a natural antibiotic. You can also increase the affects of garlic for those of you who need to, by simply making sure you are taking vitamin C supplements together with your garlic.

If you are at risk of or currently have diabetes, you are going to find that a steady diet of garlic will be something which can help with this concern. Something I ought to mention relating to this is that it must be taken with vitamin B1 to be able to prompt your body to start releasing insulin again. Simply because this help your pancreas start to function correctly again you are going to see that you might actually end up curing your diabetes and not have to take insulin shots ever again.

You might be surprised to learn that obtaining the proper amount of garlic on a daily basis can also wind up reducing cholesterol levels and this is according to research that was performed. It has actually been proven that men and women who have high cholesterol can end up reducing their cholesterol level by up to 9% by just consuming one clove of garlic every day.

And along with lowering your cholesterol levels you are going to find that you can also lower your blood pressure levels simultaneously. Garlic actually helps your body pump the blood easier throughout your body by expanding your blood vessels, and this of course ends up lowering your blood pressure. And one final thing I should mention is that when you actually do reduce your high blood pressure you are reducing the risks of having a heart attack or stroke as a result of this.

While you can find garlic supplements in just about any store it is going to always be better for you to crush your own garlic at home and eat it fresh.